Team thumbnails in the left sidebar reverted back to color

When we first set up our organization plan, I created some custom team thumbnails / icons to make my left-hand sidebar easier to work with. This worked fine for a few teams.

Today I took the time to update all teams to have custom thumbnails / icons.
When I was finished I restarted Figma and lo and behold – every single one of them in the sidebar has been converted back to just use a color. The thumbnail / icon hasn’t been deleted, I can still see it in the teams overview page or on the dedicated team detail page. In the sidebar they are gone.

I already wrote support and the only message I have received is that this is expected behaviour and I can’t get anything out of the support person how it comes that I have been using this for months and it only stopped working / reverting everything back to colors today…

Anyone else experience this?

Same problem. Annoying small bug. Since the last update.

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Team icons have disappeared from the left hand sidebar since latest update. It is now just a random color square vs the actual team icon that shows up in the right hand sidebar.

I am seeing an access denied error but not sure if this is related.

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Omg this looks so baaad! Please report the bug to Figma support team via the bug report form. I don’t think this can be intentional.

As I already mentioned, I did file it as a bug. The support person specifically said that this is expected behavior. I don’t really get it…

Maybe someone else would get a different support person who would be able to file a bug report.

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Oh my, please this can’t be real that Figma team would assign a random color instead of just using the icon it used to use…

I’ve heard back from a different person that confirmed that this is indeed a bug and the previous conversation was based on miscommunication.

The fix should be out by end of next week, if not sooner.
Extremely weird timing exactly when I decided to update those thumbnails/icons :smiley:

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Just hearing the same as well!

Glad its not just me, looking forward to @anon21722796 getting this fixed asap! I would say whoever tagged that @Raphael_Loder last comment as solved doesn’t really get the meaning of solved. Just pointing that out as its still not showing thumbnails, just coloured squares :confused:

I marked it myself.

It is not “solved” per se, just my inquiry if this was indeed a bug or a now defunct feature has been solved. I think it’s more helpful to let people know Figma is aware of it and has given me a rough estimation when it will be fixed.

Once this is done I will post another “Solved” post.

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Ah ok :+1:

Seems to have been fixed! @Raphael_Loder :raised_hands: Thanks @anon21722796

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Just started working for me again with icons.

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