Team ownership automatically transferred after inviting members - Potential serious bug

Our team has just stumbled across a potentially serious project ownership bug.

I am an Admin. When reviewing “Members” of some of our Teams, I noticed the team ownership had changed. Importantly, it had changed to members who should only be Viewers (devs, business stakeholders etc).

This was a massive risk because they could have accidentally deleted the project thinking they were just deleting it for themselves. We were not aware ownership had changed, just thankfully stumbled across it.

What makes the situation more risky was that none of our Admins were able to reclaim the ownership status of 3 major projects (this also really begs the question why there aren’t super admins in the event an owner leaves / we can’t get in touch with and there is no way to reclaim a project).

We then proceeded to immediately contact those team members, walk them through changing ownership back to the right team members. Once they transferred ownership, we also then had to make them a “Viewer” again as transferring ownership immediately put them back to an “Admin”.

Given that the 3 team members in question were only very recently invited to those projects, we’re scratching our heads as to how they became owners as that would have taken the current owners of those 3 projects swapping their ownership across…which seems highly unlikely to even do as an accident on 3 seperate occasions.


  • Chatting to some team members. One possible consideration was that we recently had an Admin leave (and therefore leave our Figma instance) who very likely was also the owner on some of the projects mentioned. So we’re wondering…could there be a possibility that Figma has automatically transferred his ownership across to a random member? It doesn’t really make sense given it transferred to “Viewers” and not another Admin but worth mentioning.

Side note - For the Figma team - It might be worth adding a category for general bugs as I’ve flagged this under Interactive Components Bugs.

Cheers all.

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