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Team management in Enterprise accounts

  1. For an Enterprise workspace admins do not have the capability to structure the workspace and manage teams. We want to be able to make teams easily discoverable and not make the workspace bloated, specifically for our enterprise usage. Without controls to do this from an org admin level it’s difficult to track people down and also manage people who accidentally created a team when they were signing up as ‘view only’ members.

  2. Many new members join as view only from the PM and dev sides. There are also interested parties who join accidentally or temporarily. When joining all of these people are invited to create a new team rather than joining an existing team. The creation of unnecessary teams gets in the way for organizations like ours who pay for Enterprise, so we can manage it for our entire design group. It also makes it difficult for designers to find the teams they actually need/want to join.

  3. Are there any work arounds? Currently the admin level within an Enterprise is not enough to manage this. The only work around we have found is to delete inactive accounts, which then gives us access to delete their team because it is empty after they’ve been booted. However, this does not prevent new users from creating a new team right when they sign up.

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Hello Jacquie,

You might find this other thread relevant for your case: Request better permission control for organization admin - Product Feedback - Figma Support Forum

One of the many good proposals in that post is exactly the possibility to restrict who can create a team.

For us, I can imagine leaving the possibility to create teams for most people. However we could only accept that with the condition that an Organization Admin can delete a team, which is inexplicably not the case now :man_shrugging: