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Team library update notification appearing in source file

I just published a large batch of updates to our team library, and now I am getting the “Component update are available” notification in the source file for the team library.

All assets in the source file are local.

The update review modal shows a handful of supposed changes, some from the recent update, and some from an update 4 months ago. I’m hesitant to apply these updates to the team library source file.

I don’t understand why the team library source file would want to update based on a past version of the same file.

I don’t want to accept the updates in the source file because they seem to be reversions, which I’d need to manually change back, otherwise they’d lead to reversions for our consumers once I publish the next batch of updates.

Any ideas?

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I believe this is a known bug. I’m trying to find a bug ticket on this forum (labeled “Product Feedback” I think?) to add to. If you find the main ticket on this please let me know!

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