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Team Libraries stopped working!


All my team libraries disappear today (Team libraries count is 0) I can still see components in the Assets Drawer and can still publish and update libraries but I cannot add a Team library in a new file. Am I the only one ? This is a huge issue that need to be fix ASAP.



Yes, me too. Please help. :joy:

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It is back to normal now but I wonder why it happened.

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+1 I’m experiencing the same issue

This is a technical issue that should be reported to Figma support team via the support request form or Don’t forget to send them links to the files and screenshots.

Seems like it’s back to normal again

+1 : I’m also running into the same scenario. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m experiencing:

  • Team Libraries are not appearing under the Assets tab (even though they are turned on)
  • The only components that appear are “Local components” and “Used in this file”
  • I am unable to change the states of the Team Library components because they no longer appear in the Assets tab
  • To circumvent this, I have to click on the Team Library icon → wait for the modal to load → close modal → wait a few seconds → the selected components, from the Team Library, are now appearing in the Assets tab
  • Throughout the day, I have to repeat this process
  • I’ve been experiencing this for about 1 week

Thank in advanced.