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Tailwind UI Figma pack has so many components that Figma is almost unusable

  1. When working with the Tailwind UI Figma asset pack, the performance of Figma is unacceptably slow. Areas that are especially poor – initial load of the page takes up to 1 minute seconds before interaction is possible, publishing assets to a library is impossible, the page hangs forever, using the search within the asset library is ~20sec process.

  2. You can replicate this by uploading the Tailwind UI Figma pack and trying to do any of the above interactions. I’m using Safari on a 2018 MacBook Pro 2.9ghz 6-core core i9 with 16gb of RAM.

  3. I totally get there are a ton of components in the Figma pack, but is anyone else experiencing this? There aren’t so many components that I would expect Figma to stop working/be unusably slow, also – this is a pack that has been promoted on the Figma blog and Tailwind is pretty popular.