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Tags for projects?

Does anybody have a solution for being able to easily find a project using some kind of tag structure?

Ideally we’d be able to tag projects with multiple labels so that when we’re starting a new project, we can do a quick search through our team database to see if any past projects might be relevant to take into account.

For a more concrete example… say I’m going to work on a project that involves trips (we’ll call it Project Trips) and I’m designing a screen that has a map on it. Ideally I’d be able to search a “map” tag and it would surface any already existing projects that have been tagged with “map” because they have maps in them and make it so that I don’t have to (or should not) design an entirely new maps experience. The current search function only pulls from project names, which wouldn’t work in this scenario because in the example given, my project is named “Project Trips” and is primarily about trips, and just so happens to involve a map.


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