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Table of Contents for Prototypes

A Table of Contents (TOC) is badly needed. Many prototypes are not linear so the forward and back buttons are not very useful. Even in a linear flow it would be very useful to be able to click to a certain page.

Use Cases

  • Presentations and Sending to Client: Display TOC by default with the option for the user to hide
  • User Testing: Option for the moderator to hide TOC, but also be able to prompt the user to display it if necessary; for example, if the moderator needs to be able to quickly set participants up for the next scenario they are testing.
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We transitioned from InVision to Figma, and have a similar need - a way to organize and present large web apps.

Currently testing sharing the design view, and then having the clients press play from a given frame. Uncharted territory for us, but learning/experimenting quickly.


In the same camp here! Switched from Sketch + InVision to Figma and providing a way to flip through all the design files quickly has proven difficult.

We’ve experimented with a site map diagram frame as a sort of table of contents within the Components/Design System page of our designs, which uses the link feature on the label text boxes to make the site map link out to presentation mode views of each of the page designs, then we can just share that site map frame’s presentation link and let them explore. It works alright but forces our users to wait for the presentation view to spin up with each new page’s designs.

We would love the ability to select a set of artboards within a project to include within a sort of “main presentation” that isn’t a prototype, something like what was hinted at by the question author of, so we can share files in a quick stack when the client is more comfortable with that mode.

Wondering if there’s some best practice I’m missing. Should we not be having our designs spread across pages within a project if we want to present those designs together?

Agree with the above comments. Having a ToC capability would help greatly for nonlinear review of screens. I am sharing prototypes with Dev. They need to be able jump to screens when there is a discussion needed on particular screens.