Table behaves differently in Library and Document

Hi everyone, i have a problem with a table that I can´t seem to fix and after recreating the table for the 7th time I give up.

I created a responsive auto-layout table inside my component library. I can duplicate cells and even complete rows and they will stay inside the table component - the table itself adjusts to its width or height. Everything behaves as it is supposed to. As soon as I use this exact same component in my UI file (and I have thoroughly deleted all old instances!) anything I duplicate is pasted OUTSIDE of the table component. How can it be that sth works perfectly in the library but not in my work file? Any ideas?

Hey Christina. It’s not really about inside/outside the library file. It’s about the main component vs component instances. You can only add new objects into your main component. If you want to allow up to 20 rows in your table, you need 20 rows in your main component. You can then show/hide the rows when you want a table with fewer rows.

Thank you!! For some reason I thought that I could duplicate without detaching it from the main component but in this case, I will create multiple variants just to be safe. Thanks for your help!

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