Tab and Nav bar is now white?

This happened to me as well, during the last few days I was exploring and working with the new interface (UI3), but a couple of minutes ago after opening a file, it started opening everything with the old UI. I hope someone can give us more details about this behavior.

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:sob: I didn’t even get a new interface once

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Hi there,

It’s reported internally and our engineering team is working on a fix.

Thanks for your patience!



Hi there,

Let me merge this post to the existing one so you can follow the latest information. Please follow the thread below!


Yeah, this happened to me just before I got access to UI3. It changed back when I toggled UI3 off again.

if it’s any “help” the new bar is unreadable in dark mode too, dropping the colour from the icons has made it way harder to differentiate between FigJam and Figma files. Silhouettes can only do so much.


Hey, my Figma top bar has changed on its own since yesterday and it got so annoying working with it, feels like I am working with Windows 98. I cannot change it back to the default.

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Real pain! As I move to Safari browser
Can’t working cause this white top takes a lot of focus on it is own ((((

Hey Kenneth!

Some questions! Pls help!
Where you made this changes?
can you pls provide short steps for me? pleaaase!

I can’t work because this white top panel come to me and talk to me )))

Yes, both the light and dark tab bar fail WCAG AA minimum text contrast requirements.

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You may have to clear your cache (Which will also clear your history and reset some of your settings, so … your choice.)

+1 please change it back, it’s super distracting and busy!

At least meet AA contrast guidelines… :sweat_smile:


I know this will be unpopular, but in addition to disliking dark mode settings (I know, I know) I have always had a very strong dislike of Figma’s black frame and tabs — I use the desktop “application” on Mac OS. So I welcome the new tabs but wish the following were also changed:

  1. Increase the contrast of the font within the tabs — like, make it nearly black.
  2. Make the frame that is still black (the area around the tools, etc.) also light gray.
  3. Give users the option — you know, like Adobe does?

Of course, no post of mine would be complete without a mention of customizable keyboard shortcuts, which should trump this relatively insignificant UI change. But that of course is a topic for another extremely longstanding thread.

Temporary solution

1 Desctop APP — Help — Troubleshooting — Toggle Tab Bar Dev Tool

2 In Elements TAB — copy line with class UI3 etc

3 Ask GPT chat how to change color of the Tab bar in Figma to UI2 in context of line from Elements tab

4 Chat gives you scrip that you need to put in Console

5 After that, the same way to change color of Tabs on Tab bar

Time spend — 3 min

It works until restart the app

But for me it is ok cause I restart it not often

Hey All, thank you for your patience and understanding!

The updated panels were intended to be tied to UI3. We’re still rolling this out slowly to the community, but in the interim, we’ve shipped a fix to ensure that you don’t see a mixed UI2/UI3 experience.

If you’re still seeing the mis-matched tab colors, please refresh and let us know if you continue to run into any further issues.

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not ugly. But this white guy is just yelling at me. :rofl:

For real. Not good :melting_face:

Damn, The new version not only has strange interactions, but also has a very long path for exporting files. It is recommended that your product manager resign as the previous version did not consider user experience at all