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Switching from Layers to Assets tab no longer selects search text

I don’t know if I’m crazy and it has always been this way, but I think a little while ago something broke when I’m switching from the Layers to the Assets tab. I believe in previous versions it would auto select my search input so I could start typing and replace my previous query. Now it simply focuses the search field but appends the text cursor at the end of my previously entered string.

Now this leads to wrong search results and to queries like this.

Am I crazy? If I’m not, was this an intentional fix? Is this related to a setting?
It’s honestly bugging me a lot as I’m relying on this muscle memory.

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Glad you posted this, someone shared it in the Product Feedback forum as well. It’s been a big problem for me personally but I haven’t heard many people talking about it yet. Having trouble re-programming my muscle memory on this change.

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Whoops. I searched before, but missing the “panel” it didn’t bring any matching results to my keywords.

So it’s not just me and my faulty memory. Good to hear and hoping for a quick fix!

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