Switch between viewer and editor views


I would like to switch between viewer and editor views, as I mostly work as a developer but I still need to make some updates at some points.
Since I became an editor, I totally lost the possibility to inspect layouts as I did before.

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You still have the third tab in the right pane called Inspect, but I agree: this is similar to Google Docs, where you have different modes of interaction with the document — Editor, Commenter, Viewer. Sometimes it’s a good idea to restrict your editing capabilities. Saves you from random unwanted changes.

You could invite yourself with another e-mail to the project as a viewer. You can switch then between the 2 Accounts.

Another +1 for this. I deeply regret hitting the “Edit file” button. Now every time I’m trying to view the design I need to worry that I accidentally edited something (e.g. moving an item when I’m trying to pan).


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