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Switch between accounts easily using profiles (work / private)

:zap: Challenge
When I end my workday, I like to work on personal projects in Figma. However, I shouldn’t host these projects in my work account since my employer manages these. It also generates a lot of clutter (and designers do not like clutter)!

To switch accounts, I have to log out in Figma desktop, then log back in using a redirect with the browser. Then, through MFA I can finally be redirected to the desktop applications.

:bulb: Proposed solution
Alternatively, Figma could introduce profiles. Profiles are a well-known feature in all popular web browsers as well as some other software like GitKraken. Below are some examples of how that looks.

Some examples of existing profile switchers (Edge and Gitkraken):

image image

You would be logged in using both accounts, so switching is literally just clicking a button. On click, your homepage would refresh, all tabs might need to close (they probably won’t work either way), and you can use the files in your other profile.

This solution would save me a lot of frustrating navigation between desktop, browser, and phone. And to be honest, the account switch doesn’t always work in one try either.

:thinking: Thoughts
Does anyone else experience this issue, or do you combine your personal and work projects in some smart way using just one account? Or is it possible to run 2 version of Figma on desktop with each their own account information like browser have?

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