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Swipe in a specific direction in a prototype?

Explanation / Requirement

I have a mobile design that I want to use swipe navigation.

Site Map…

So, basically, If you swipe left you go to the Resources page, right and you go to the About page, down and you go to the Listening page, or up and go to the Upcoming page.

I didn’t think Figma could do that but I found this video that seems like the guy is doing it - just that I can’t make out what he is actually doing (ie: layers, grouping of layers, locking, etc) to achieve his results.

Tinder Card Swipe | Figma Advanced Prototyping

Is there some way to prototype swiping in a specific direction?

In the description of the video there is a link to a file that you can duplicate and see the prototype settings.

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Thanks! I managed to figure it out. There was something I couldn’t understand. I didn’t see how Figma would limit the swipe to only one direction (I thought it wouldn’t matter what direction you swipe and it would perform the action). As it turns out I was wrong. It has a little setting for the connection where you can select up, down, right, or left and then it won’t let you swipe the wrong way.