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Swapping Components Behavior Changed (No autofocus on search field)

When you click on the dropdown of a component on the right-hand menu, it used to automatically put your cursor in the search. That behavior seems to have stopped working. I checked both the desktop app and web app, neither functions as it used it.

Bring that simple behavior back please!


You’re right. I want it back, when I swap I used to search

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Was it like this before? Looking today, that behavior is found on Type Styles and Color Styles. Regardless, would be nice to have it on components.

After I click on the component name to swap instance, the search field is not in focus. It definitely used to be the other way around and save a lot of time.

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 12.34.31


Just encountered this too – autofocusing search while revealing the menu allowed for both keyboard-first and mouse-first input

The new change sacrifices keyboard-first input, but doesn’t need to. Guessing it wasn’t an intentional regression but would love to have this back!

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Same. This is extremely frustrating. It used to flow nicely and I could just start typing away to swap out icons. Not so much now- it really breaks up the workflow for such a “small” thing. This was the type of experience that I had using Sketch and is why I switched to Figma. Please make it work again.

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+1. Please bring autofocus on search field back. It used to work like a charm, and now my workflow is broken.

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Agreed and upvoted. There was a similar but equally frustrating (to me at least) change to the assets panel search input a few weeks ago. These two things have been bothering me a ton, can’t see a good reason to change them either. Would like to see at least an explanation for why either of these things changed. I don’t know if they’re bugs or not.

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Earlier the instance switcher used to focus on the search by default, meaning that I could start typing right away to swap out a component. But with the latest update, Figma focuses on the folder/navigation by default, meaning that it requires one extra click to trigger the search. What was the reason behind changing this behavior?

It’s a minor issue, but gets annoying if you use swap components often.

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Previously the ‘swap instance’ dropdown opened with the search field selected allowing you to instantly start search for the component to swap, this made my workflow MUCH faster.

Why was this changed? I don’t see any upside or reason why this would be changed.

Might actually be a bug? Was just working with a component that has a nested icon component. When I clicked on the dropdown, it had the search already in focus. Once I selected a different component, the behavior changed back to focusing the category below the search.

Bring the old behavior back. This one breaks my flow every time.

+1 :+1: This is seriously slowing me down! :angry:

I hope this was a mistake and not that someone though it’d be better.

+1, this is a surprisingly annoying issue and is also slowing me down significantly.

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