Swap libraries at page and frame level

The current Swap Libraries feature updates an entire file and cannot be set to only update an individual page in a file or a specific frame on a page. The design system I support plans to use this feature for light/dark modes, and we also support the ability to combine both modes to be used in on partial elements in a default mode to call attention to important area.

Why do we need this?

Our system is set up where we have libraries for each mode that are set up to “swap” only the styles, and a component library set to light mode by default. Doing this makes it much easier to manage the component library and it would be great if Swap libraries had the capability to target specific pages and even frames.
Additionally, the company I work for is blocked from using plugins for security reasons unless they’re created internally or go through an extended review process and I think the community would benefit from having this as a built-in feature for Figma.

Second this request.

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