Swap Instance menu appearing unexpectedly

When I click on an icon, the Swap Instance menu pops out and hovers over the design panel, blocking the rest of the content. I thought this menu should only appear if I click the dropdown on the component name in the Design panel, but I haven’t done that. Why am I seeing this menu?

This is a bug, report it to Figma support team via the bug report form.

I managed to pull a menu item out of the sidebar, don’t know how I did it. But I can’t get it back either, trying to drag it in doesn’t work.

It’s very annoying because when I select a component and want to use the arrow keys, I immediately navigate in that menu element instead of moving my component.

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That should work, so it sounds like a bug.

Try to restart Figma and se if that fixes it.

Figma seems to remember when you’ve opened the ‘Swap instance’ menu but not used it and will continue to bring it up until you do or close it.
How do you close it? By clicking on the dropdown menu.

Hi everyone! I´ve been experimenting some discomfort with the float swap instance. It opens every time I touch some component and I can not hide it again. Also I´ve been trying do Ctr+Z repeatedly and now it´s limited.

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