Swap icon instance without stretching

I have my icons as components. When using icons inside of button components, I want to be able to switch instances. Currently when I do this the icons get stretched unless they happen to be the exact same dimensions. How do I prevent this from happening?


I’m facing the same problem … Did you find a solution ?


Have you tried dragging the icon onto the button whilst holding the „command“ button (on a Mac)?

Or the equivalent button on a PC? (probably „STR“)?

Hello @owilliams

I had the same propblem earlier in 22: having some icons larger than others. My solution was to wrap every icon into a auto layout:

  • Fixed width
  • Fixed height
  • Alignement: center both verticaly and horizontaly

So when icons are used in another component (a button in your case) the icon will keep the same size; as its container.

Let me know if that works for you