Swap "go to main component" redirect

Hi all!

So, i worked on a mobile app creating a new project and 2 design files. One for the “design sytem” and one for the “app interfaces”.

Now, after a year of work, we need to migrate this project to the client team.

So i downloaded both files and uploaded them inside the new team, but obviously, the old components used in “app interfaces” are all linked to the old design system file in the other team.

Is there a way to change the redirect so that when i tap on “go to main component” he redicrect to the cloned design system?

The “Swap library” function should help you.

That’s it. I didn’t know there was this feature. Thank you!

So, there is another problem. When i enter the new team, there is not the swap button in the file, because components are not showed like part of a library but simply “used in this file”.

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