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Swap doesn't work anymore

Since around 2021 swaps in our projects have stopped working or only work partially where they used to behave just fine. This much has been checked and can be said:

  • there were no changes in components structure whatsoever;
  • the same issue happens across a number of browsers;
  • results vary wildly between projects and components;
  • proper browser and computer maintenance is in order (cleared cookies, no adblocking, no traffic blocking, no software/hardware changes, no virus, all drivers are updated, etc.)
  • logging in and out and/or clearing cookies doesn’t fix the problem.

I’ve already reported this as bug days ago but to no answer yet. Our team is losing productivity since we’be been jumping through hoops just to get stuff that used to be simple done.

What is going on? I’m hoping we’re in the wrong here and the solution is simple because we need things back to normal.


not working

yes, something weird is going on with instance swapping, I’m having instances change text style upon swapping which leads to a lot of tweaking. I’m only using the desktop app, I don’t know if it happens in the browser.

Hi @Bruno_Soares , Since September 2020 the swap menu instance has been changed to overcome the problem of endless submenus.

For more details about Swap between component instances in a file

Thanks for the answer, it does work. I just wish this was best announced, like it was with Variants and such. Maybe it was and I missed it? Anyways, thanks again.