Swap a component's image(s) with a property

Like the new “Text” component property, there should be a way to override images from the design panel. This could be done by adding a “Fill” component property type. Here’s a mock component instance (proposed property on bottom):


I totally agree: +1 ! :heart:


Not sure how useful that would be. If I wanted to override an instance image then I’d most likely use ‘place image’ anyway. I mean with that you just click where to place it, which is at least as fast as changing something from the property panel, and is exponentially quicker the more images you change in one go.

Good point. However I would say it is sometimes tricky to click on the correct layer if your component is quite complex, and having it in the properties would be handy, just like with the text/content property.

Furthermore, this could surface any fill, including colors and gradients, which would be a nice way to communicate to designers which colors in your component can/should be overridden.


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