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SVG file is not working

Hi There,

I have Created a text in SIGMA and I have copied the SVG file in VS Code. But when I removed the white background of SVG with CSS, My text is not showing on the server, Need help here,

I have tried every color combination but the text is not coming up!? Need to know what is wrong with the SVG file!?

It’s impossible to say what could be wrong here without seeing the code. Also the question seems to be related more to CSS and programming than Figma, so you may want it to post on Stack Overflow or other developer forums.

It is working now , But now it seems to be a problem with SVG file only, Because I have put my Name ( Devashish ) as a text in Figma file, Not there are 18 paths created for the SVG wherein there should be only 9 paths according to name ( DEVASHISH ) , this is creating problem for me to style thorough CSS,
Any solution on how to get only 9 correct paths!?