SVG export doesn't save the alignment (text-anchor)

I want to create a template containing text elements in Figma which I can manipulate by code.

When exporting a text (boxed or unboxed) as *.svg the SVG’s <text> blocks will have no text-anchor attribute. This results in off-center texts after the manipulation.

Can you export this information so the layout remains as designed?
Thx in advance

I have the same problem.

Same problem here

@ConstantinW any update?

I have the same problem!
Exported text is always aligned left regardless of any options of settings in Figma!

Hi everybody, sorry to hear you are facing the same issue.

FYI: I created a bug report (non-public ticket-ID #472159)

I try to update this thread when i hear back from the great figma team.

Got late and excused response from dev team. The feature is not implemented right now and is going to their backlog. So stay tuned to see it implemented in the future.

Get and Stay healthy!

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