SVG Export controls

Hello to all in the Figma Community!

I work with a team of Developers and as a Graphic Designer. We started an internal project in July last year to evaluate the Qt/QML development platform, Qt Design Studio, Qt Bridge for Figma, to explore how those technologies can enhance our development processes and develop a better work follow between Designer and Developer.

However we have run to some issues with regards to the SVGs that Figma exports. When Figma exports SVGs with effects applied the SVG contains Filter Effects for shading/3D effects which Qt does not support. Qt only supports SVG 1.2 Tiny.

From within Figma is there a way to ensure that exports only contain SVG 1.2 Tiny features, or is there a plugin that provides greater control over the SVG export settings?

Hoping the Qt Bridge for Figma may help with the compatibility between Figma SVG and Qt SVG but as yet, have not been able to get this to work, but that is a whole other issue!

Any help from the Figma community would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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