SVG doesn't appear when I drag it into file

I’m trying to add some corporate logos that are SVG files to a Figma file. I have one SVG file I downloaded and I dragged it into my Figma file with no problems. With this file I changed the color of the logo by simply editing the fill value in the SVG tag.

Now I have a second more complex SVG file which I had to import into Affinity Designer in order to change the color of all the elements in the file. After changing the colors and exporting it from AD, I dragged the file into my Figma file but I don’t see the logo. All I see are three very tiny blue dots lined up horizontally next to each other and then a small blue square below those dots and to the left. Why is this happening? Did I not export the file correctly from AD? If I open the file in Chrome, I can see the logo and confirm that it’s there and that I changed the color successfully. I just can’t see the file in Figma. Thanks.

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I experience the same. Copying the SVG code and pasting it into Figma, as seen in some tutorials, also doesn’t work… Will look for other ways but starting to get frustrated by this.

I found a workaround by importing the high quality SVG export from Affinity Designer into Sketch, and exporting it, having the SVGO plugin installed. Jeez absolutely shocked that the brutally powerful Figma needs this kind of workaround…