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Support tabbing to `Replace` button when exporting a single frame

When exporting a new version of a single frame the dialog to confirm the replacement has two buttons but you’re not able to tab to the destructive one. Meaning someone would have to click the Replace button.

This is a mild annoyance when you have to do it once, but when repeatedly exporting an image it would be much better if I was able to tab over and hit space to hit Replace rather than having to switch over to clicking just to get past that step. The only thing I can do without switching hands to click is hit enter or esc to cancel.


If I recall correctly both Sketch and Adobe products utilize this pattern, if a reference would help.

Edit: This kinda feels more like a bug now that I’m realizing that it’s only affecting single exports while you can just hit enter to confirm replacement while doing a batch export.

That’s weird that space doesn’t work for you. For me the highlighted button is “Replace” so I can just press space (High Sierra and Catalina). Is it different on Big Sur?


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Actually I’ve had this issue ever since switching to Figma on both High Sierra and now on Big Sur.

After some testing just now, the problem is when I’m exporting a single frame. The batch export (cmd+shift+E) does work to where I just need to hit enter. Edited the original post to call out single frame exports.

Batch export:

Single frame: