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Support for PDFs, Txt files, slides, video, gifs & other files


Please add the support for files like:

  • PDFs - when you can add specific pages from the PDF file, link or a file to download on the board
  • Txt files - like txt, css, html, etc so you can add content from text or link file to download
  • Slides - powerpoints, google slides, etc
  • Video, so you can add links to YT, or small video files for reference
  • GIF - animated gifs
  • other files if possible
    (check Miro, Microsoft Board what they offer)

Thanks, guys please add in comments what would you add to help your workflow in FigJam?

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PDF import is basic at best and it’s puzzling its not even supported in Figma, which can only export PDFs.

Indeed, you guys should check Miro for inspiration.

Yes! Assembling content from websites, documents is something OneNote does well, but it’s crap for collaboration. Having that functionality in FigJam would be amazing.

Would also love to have support for animated GIFs they’re surprisingly essential in casual collaboration tools imo