Support for macOS on-the-fly text replacements

Feature Request

  • MacOS’es on-the-fly text replacements are very handy for UX/screen designers who make heavy use of emoticon symbols or copy text editors who use shortcuts to paste frequently used text snippets or foreign letters, symbols, etc.
  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Text
    • The text replacements configured here work in almost all Mac apps (if Cocoa based)
  • But not in Figma Desktop App version 114.6.1
    • Please add support for this Mac specific productivity feature.


Usability Considerations & Conflict Analysis

  • Very low likelylood to conflict with the single-letter-shortcuts of Figma such as those for the tools like “R” for rectangle, etc.
    • No one makes single letter text replacements as you could hardly type then.
  • Unlikely to be in conflict with Figma’s normal editing in text elements.
    • Because while you type macOS by default passes on the input unmanipulated and shows the preview in the bubble above, only when entering a SPACE the transformation happens.
    • And you as a user can avoid this by pressing ESC as long as the preview bubble is still there.
    • I see no usability conflict.
  • A small possibility that text replacements may conflict with input in areas of Figma where code/markup is entered, plugins/widgets/etc which may use special syntax.

Make it a preference toggle

  • Main Menu > Figma > Preferences > “Use macOS text replacements” as on/off toggle.
  • I think this is not configuritis but acceptable.
  • Question is whether the factory default is ON or OFF.
    • I rather go for ON, as it’s mostly helpful and conflict free, and helps discovery over time.
    • Users would discover it while typing one day, that macOS text replacements are now working in Figma, and could disable in case it bares some conflicts.

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