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Super Nudge

A third nudge option. Normally i have to hit the button 10 times for 100px.

Anyone else have a need for something like this? basically a super nudge option.

I believe that already exists. Hold shift while you’re nudging. You can even set your nudges (either your small or big) under Preferences > Nudge Amount.

I’m guessing OP wants three levels?

Arrow - 1px
Shift-Arrow - 10px (or 8, for those who like 8pt grid)
Super Nudge - 100px

The main issue is that we are running out of modifier keys!

You can create a custom action that presses Shift + Arrow 10 times with apps like AutoHotKey on Windows and BetterTouchTool on Mac.

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the BetterTouchTool is a good suggestion. The best suggestion would be a third “super nudge” if that were wanted by enough users.

↑ This is the actual solution, Figma wouldn’t want to risk being bloated with too many preloaded preference options, modularization is the future. Advanced users should have both the need and the ability to custom tailor Figma to their own liking.
Using BBT and Plugins+BBT and local scripts+BBT, you can tweak Figma beyond your wildest imagination :hugs:

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And If you ever feel like you are running out of modifier keys, try these:

  • Use modifier keys on the right side of your keyboard(BTT can differentiate them from their left side counterparts).
  • Use key sequences(e.g. double-pressing ‘m’ key to trigger the minimap plugin).
  • Use letter combinations(e.g. simultaneously press ‘sd’ to ‘auto layout align right’, and ‘mp’ to run ‘master → pick target’).
  • Use mouse draw.
  • Use HTML Floating menus.

    I pieced together this floating menu for Sketch 4 years ago, and it still works perfect.


  • remember to attach additional action to press the ‘v’ key at the end, if your chosen keypress happens to activate certain tools.
  • You can use the Eject⎋ key, the fn key, and the Tab⇥ key to further expand your arsenal.
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