Summary of the whiteboard or some kind of Table of Content

Hi there,

First of all, FigJam is absolutely amazing!
The one thing, I am as a UX Designer, really would love to see is some kind of table of content or summary of the whiteboard for quick navigation inside the whiteboard. Let’s imagine you are building a large software with tons of features and lots of research. You’ll want to keep all of your documentation in order, right? And having a millions of separate figjam files if not a perfect solution, it’s just waste of space and doesn’t solve the problem. I think it would be a chrismas gift for each UXer out there to have their diagrams and brainstorms in perfect order with multilevel navigation. Something as simple as creating a tag, add tag to a section and have them all displayed at some left side hidden as default panel. This way you have Journeys - Journey 1, Journey 2, etc.

Let me know what you think, guys º~º

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