Suggestions: snaps, resize, tracker

Hi. I’m new to the community, so maybe I don’t understand how all the features work, especially in Beta (also please excuse my English). I just have some UX suggestions:

  • Visible toggles for geometry, object and pixel grid snaps, also a general toggle for all snaps.
    The curve edit tools are great, and the lack of quick snap toggles is the only apparent inconvenience. Probably these controls can be placed in the upper menu in curve edit mode, or extend the central upper tab. Almost sure this suggestion isn’t new.

  • Ability to resize a copy/pasted object fill image, and also copy this image to the buffer.
    The reason is that images copied from different sources can have excess resolution, which makes the mockup bulky and slow, and also extends the loading time. When you create a really quick prototype there’s not always an opportunity to prepare all the images. But when you need to, you can’t edit an already placed image and are forced to reopen/google it again.

  • A work time counter could be a great feature.
    Just count the sum of all the hours a particular mockup was open and changes were applied, separation by days would also be helpful. When you are in the flow, you’re not always able to count the hours spent. Surely you could use third-party applications, but the counter is relatively simple to release as a built-in feature. I think the freelancer part of the community will appreciate that.

I’ll be glad to hear any feedback about whether these suggestions were helpful, and also hope it inspires you to contribute more valuable proposals. Thank you.

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