Suggestion: Vertical page layout / paradigm option

I often use Figma for presentations / decks. Those frames are usually horizontal dimensions, so I’d personally find it more spatially efficient to organize presentation sections in columns rather than rows. Currently, a lot of native things about Figma seem to encourage rows, like which frame is shown next. Also some things like Super Tidy only rename in rows, etc.

Is there any way that Figma can natively encourage an option for vertical organization? Or some mechanism for intuitive inference of how these frames are laid out?


You can use this way:

Thanks, Yury. I did that with my frames, and then moved them into individual columns. Still when I press n (or go into presentation mode), it moves within rows, not columns.

In other words, in the screenshot above, the numbers represent the order in which I want to organize the presentation. However, Figma moves like 1, 5, 9, 2, 6, … etc.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, thanks! I may be doing something wrong.

Thanks for the demo. There is currently no way to change this behavior in Figma.

Note: Figma orders frames based on their co-ordinates in the canvas. First, by their x co-ordinate from left to right, then their y co-ordinate from top to bottom.

If the y co-ordinate is offset in any way, then frames may appear out of order. To fix, you can set horizontal alignment for each row of frames to align-top.

Thanks for confirming. Do you think Figma would consider adding a Figma-file-specific preference for frame ordering via y first, rather than x ? Could be x by default, but opt-in for y.

Since this forum is for help, feedback/suggestions, chances are the Figma team will take note.

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