Subscribe to a comment

This is a pretty minor thing but it would improve my Figma experience so I’ll share.

The Problem
If I post a new comment, I’m automatically notified of any and all replies to my comment, regardless of if I’m tagged in a given comment. This is great and I expect it.
However, if someone replies to my comment, I need to tag them in any future replies for them to get a notification.

Additionally, anyone interested in all replies to the comment must either check back on their own or hope to be tagged in a reply to be notified.

The Solution
Allow users to “subscribe” to a comment thread. There may be additional options, but the first that comes to mind is to allow a user to “Get notified of all replies” which would notify them of all replies to the comment.
This would be an elective action.

Another enhancement could be to automatically notify a user of all future replies if they have replied to the comment. They would still have the option to “Unsubscribe” from notifications but I think it makes to automatically notify them of future replies, seeing as they’ve expressed enough interest in the comment to reply to it.

An example of this can be seen on MS Yammer. I recently posted a question to a page and was automatically notified of any replies to my post. However, I am able to “Unfollow” the thread if I no longer want to be notified of future replies.

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