Subfolders in projects in the team workspace

As design teams grow, folders in the workspace can also grow immensely. To enable quicker navigation and a tidier workspace, when I tap in to a project and see several files, having subfolders to structure the files within projects would be valuable. This would help because there are different areas of design required for different clients. (i.e web, app, app store screenshots)

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Even with one or two designers, when we are in heavy iteration mode a trail of revision files is a big mess. The ability to group those sessions within a project would be really valuable.

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Agreed! Another great benefit of subfolders within projects

Let me give an example of how we have to work. We’re a large company with a large design organization, many teams within it. My team creates a folder for each platform or application that we work on. For these platforms we have dozens of features requiring separate design files and they’re just …all hanging out there. These folders contain dozens of files, one has 158. That’s 158 files just sitting in a folder, no organization beyond what we name them. Can’t tag them, can’t easily search for them because it searches everything. You take subfolders for granted - I’ve been using them since DOS - until they’re taken away. We’re literally in the process of creating a naming / numbering system for onboarding new designers, not because it’s the best method but simply because we can’t put things in subfolders.

Folders, Figma, come on.

Small and large teams, freelancers… I have never not seen anyone unhappy with this. Please add!

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