Stylistic set for Poppins missing

Hi, I’m working with Poppings for a very long time, and got this hint from a fellow designer to explore a double-storey “a”. :nerd_face:

It seems like my type settings panel is missing this and stylistic sets in general. What can be done here? :pray:

Hi @Anastasia_Buialo ,

It should be available on the “Details” tab:

Thank you, Jan. Still missing, I wonder why…

hmmm, me too :confused:

Are you on a mac? ( I’m on a PC).
And are you working in a browser or in the Figma-app?

As far as I understand google webfonts (like Poppins) are automatically loaded without any need to install, maybe you installed it at some point and Figma got confused ?

Yes, that was a correct tip! I had this font installed way back. Deleting it solved the issue. Thanks so much! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Fantastic news @Anastasia_Buialo , you are welcome :+1:
Happy dance! :man_dancing: