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Styling for auto-layout settings

Please, make styling for auto-layout settings a thing! :eyes:


An example: I have a website that uses 24px/48px/96px paddings on containers and 8px spacing between objects. Currently, when adding auto-layout (shift+A) to one item, the default padding is 8px and spacing is 10px. That means I spend a lot of time tweaking padding and spacing values. Styling for Auto-Layout (similar to we have with text, fills, strokes and effects) would streamline the workflow immensely and help maintain default values in a design system. :fire:

I have probably spent sooooo many hours just changing that 8px → 16,16,16,16/24,24,24,24/48,48,48,48/96,96,96,96… :smiley:

Would others find this feature useful in their day-to-day work? :thinking:


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