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Styles no longer show full style name

Text Styles used to show as “Folder Group / Text Style Name” now they just show as “Text Style Name”

The problem with this bug/change is that we typically group our text styles either by font family, or some other alias and when that categorization is removed it’s hard, at a glance, to tell what text style you are actually applying.

For example: In these screenshots we have a text style “Roboto / Thin” which now only shows up as “Thin”. At a glance, I have no idea what family this is and have to click into it to tell, this was never a problem before.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 6.42.05 PM

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 6.42.25 PM

I made a post about the same thing yesterday. Styles no longer show full style name

ah, I searched and didn’t find anything, thanks for linking this!

Hey everyone! This was reverted yesterday (Monday, October 18), and styles should be back to normal.

We’re keeping this thread open for a while longer, so if you notice any lingering issues related to this, please drop a comment here and let us know.

Appreciate your patience with us :hugs:


Looks like my team is in the minority. Including the “category” names in the style name shown in the sidebar is redundant and leads to premature truncation. We were happy with the change and frustrated with the rollback

haha, same here. Sounds like a solution needs to be implemented that caters to both. The way I have categorized colours on my latest project leads to lots of truncation.

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