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Style Themes

Is Figma ever going to come out with a feature that lets users create a theme from styles, and be able to easily apply a theme to a layer / artboard / project? Seems like a few plugins tried, but none work correctly.

Seems like this would be a simple solve for Figma. For example, if you create a font style named “Theme 1 / Header” and another font style also named “Theme 2 / Header” using a different font style, you should be able to select an element, and apply Theme 1 or Theme 2 to it. That would automatically change the font styles to match the Header style for the selected theme.

Same could be done for colors and other styles.

Please Figma! Get on it!

While the native solution would be ideal, plugins can definitely solve this. What do you mean by “none work correctly”? There are at least 10 plugins that aim to solve this problem, some of them are used by thousands of people. What have you tried and what doesn’t work?

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