Student Personal Workbooks - how would you share it?


I’ve been using FigJam for teaching groups, but we’re trying to roll out some kind of digital editable workbook, where each student would have their own personal space to doodle and take notes.

My first thought was to build the templates in Figma & push to FigJam, but I’m not sure how to assign them out so each kid has their own, without access to each other’s.

Has anyone figured out a good way to do this? Or if FigJam doesn’t work, is there a way to share & edit workbooks online that I’m not thinking of? Would appreciate any thoughts you guys have!

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Hi @ana_sorensen about how many students are you working with? And are you using education teams?

You can set the document to “only people invited to the file can access”

  • You can create a new project on your team that is set to invite only for the workbooks.
  • You can duplicate your template file to make files for each student
    and invite them individually to each file as an editor.
  • Students wont be able to see other student’s documents.

Here is a video of how you can perform all these actions without needing to go into each document.

Inside this invite only team:

  1. Right click to duplicate your templated file (figjam or figma)
  2. Right click share > enter student email (will autofill if already invited to team)
  3. Choose “only those invited to file”

Bonus: you can make your templates with library components so they can be updated across all student docs if need be.

Happy to answer any additional questions.

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@miggi Oh awesome, that seems like it should work! Thanks so much for the help on that; the share settings keep throwing me off for some reason.

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Feel free to reach out and tag me if you have any other questions. Im here to help out with all classroom Figma / FigJam use.

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