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Stronger snap?

I‘ve converted from Sketch to Figma. And what I miss in the former is when moving layers or layer groups, it was very easy to snap to other objects, as there was a stronger magnetic pull. In Figma seems the magnetism is rather weak, as I quite often find myself moving and realising the object hasn‘t fully been snapped to another object or to a grid, and then I need to zoom in, diagnose, and nudge it down to the pixel.

Does anyone feels the same? Or is it just me, as I‘ve been living for too long on Jupiter, where the gravitational force is much stronger.

HAHAHA, I love the metaphor! I have moved from Sketch to Figma too, a couple of months ago, and I can’t agree or disagree. Sometimes, it is too much magnetic, and I would rather have it lesser, while other times I don’t understand why it did not work as expected. I think it would be hard to make everybody happy about this feature, because it depends on the use case imo. I would reco you always work with bigger shapes when you want them to glue together, as pixel magnet will be less important, and small shapes/dots when you want the pixel magnet to be more important.

You might be right. It might be just my personal bias to have a strong magnetism where elements would snap sharp even if I‘ve zoomed out at, let‘s say 50%.