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Stranger Things: Odd "bug" that zooms in and cuts the presentation of my prototype

Hi everyone!

It had never happened to me before.

I am designing a new template, a whitelabel to create newspapers. When I went to take a first look to the prototype in Present mode, a strange zoom appears that avoids the correct visualization of the theme.


It looks like a mask that zooms, but there is nothing. I have tried with other Figma projects and it happens again. I have also tried with other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera). Same thing.

I don’t have another computer, nor mobile although it seems strange, to check if it’s a thing of my computer; or my Figma account.

I would like to know if anyone can confirm to me that it displays correctly, or if someone knows the possible reason for this unusual display error.

Link: Figma

Thanks in advance, family!

It’s a computer issue. Report this issue and send your system details to Figma support team via or the support request form.

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