Stop frames from accidentally moving around

We are 2-3 designers working on the same file and somehow by accident some frames get moved.
I would like to have a way in which the main frame stays at the same place (but not locked) while the contents are moveable. If I use the lock frame feature I have a problem in locating the frame, so I don’t use the lock feature as much.
Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


+1 on having a ‘lock’ function that locks an element’s position but still allows you to select it!

I often have some elements floating on top of an Autolayout frame (grouped together) and I don’t want to accidentally move the floating stuff. But if I lock a layer, I can’t select it at all which means I can’t change the color, etc. without finding the layer in the Layers panel.


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