Status states for screens

When working collaboratively with designers, product owners and clients, it is important for everyone to be aware of the current state of the project, down to a screen or sometimes even component level.

For Design reviewers and project leads, often times we don’t know when certain screens are “To Do”, “In progress” or “Ready for review”, “Blocked”, “Completed” or “Approved”. Similar to what you would see in a Kanban board.

I’ve seen what you have done with the FigJam Stickers tool. I believe that a similar tool would be useful to have in Figma. Where you could apply a sticker, or better, a status to individual screens, so that people are aware of their current state.

How are other design teams solving this issue at the moment?

I’ve used a few plugins and allow this kind of functionality, but they don’t offer the kind of flexibility or easy updating that I think is necessary for this type of tool.

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