Status Bar Widget

We create a lot of prototypes using the built-in iPhone 11 wrapper, and typically present these to clients via Desktop over video conference. However, having the client view that same proto link on their mobile is a mind-blowing experience for most; we :heart: that Figma can auto detect the user’s device and present accordingly.

Because we need to accommodate the iOS status bar / notch for the proto to look super-realistic when presented on Desktop, we manually add a static bar to the top of all our (25+) frames. Not only is this tedious for designers & annoying for our developers, the biggest problem is that now we see a double status bar (one real, one fake) when viewed on mobile.

So what if… there was a “widget” available in the prototype settings (shown only if a mobile device wrapper is selected) that would allow for the following:

  1. Include default iOS / Android status bar when presented on Desktop (remains hidden when proto viewed on mobile)
  2. Fix position by default
  3. Uses adjacent background color (or hex specified manually)
  4. Option to present user’s current time (or set manually)
  5. Nice to have: subtle, animated (or randomized) battery life / 5G bars / wifi signal strength

I’ve read related Ideas here, think this would be really helpful for many prototypers - thank you!

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