Starter plan deleting projects after 30 days

Does the starter plan delete your projects after 30 days?

I’m a bit confused about the limitations


Hi @Aimee_Jade_Nel,

The starter plan doesn’t delete your projects after 30 days.

  • When you delete a file, Figma will remove the file from the project for all collaborators. Then, you will be able to access the file from your deleted files folder.
  • View, restore, and permanently delete files in the Deleted tab of your Drafts. Figma stores deleted files indefinitely, until you or another collaborator deletes them forever.
    Hope it clears out, you can also find more information in our article “Delete and Restore files”, here:

Also, I think you mixed up with the version history? Members of Starter teams can only view 30 days of a file’s version history. More information on View a file’s version history here: Hope it helps!