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Stamps are not vectors

  1. All the stamps I tried to use were pixelized. It looks very strange especially using large stamps.

  2. It could be easily reproduced. It work when you just put a stamp.

  3. The issue happens in all the ways.

  4. Windows 10, Chrome 90/latest Figma desktop app

Hi there, thanks for reaching out about this.

This is expected behaviour since the stamps are images instead of vectors. We’ll log this feedback for our team!

I’m going to move this into the Feedback category so other users can chime in with similar feedback


Oh, ok. I thought of it some time after I mentioned it here. But as for me, it looks very strange and unusual to see rasterized images in Figma, but I understand that in some cases it could be better in order to set a high level of performance and opportunities for stamps designer.
But as it is shown on a screenshot it looks nearly awful especially when it has a maximum size, so maybe it would be a good idea at least to make them better quality.