Stable scrolling

Hi there, i’d be very thankful if anyone can help me to solve my thing I’ve been stuck for days with.

I’m making a calendar and I need every month to be able to scroll from right to left and back month by month. This I already have, but the horizontal scrolling is free moving. I need to get every month stably positioned when I slide it in the screen.

Simply just setting the horizontal scrolling on the whole group of all twelve months makes it freely run from left to right. That’s not what I need. I’ve tried to connect each month in prototyping interaction but when I want to set ‘by drag’ from november to deceber, under ‘navigate to’ I don’t find any of the months.

I hope there is just something very simple I just missed but haven’t found cause my brain is going to explode, I really need to move on with this.

If anyone can help please.



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