Spell Check

In 2022 it feels a little archaic that Figma doesn’t have a build in, automatic spell check. As a member of the neurodiverse community with both Dyslexia and ADHD this leaves us unassisted. As the field of UX grows and encompasses peripheral fields like UX copy it is irrefutable that copy quality issue is a function of UX and there for, product design,


If you’re dyslexic or don’t have English as your first language, when you create a product like FigJam which is intended for writing in front of groups of people, you are setting users of your product up for making mistakes in front of groups.

How can you not support a spell check? It’s basic and fundamental to a lot of your users workflow.


Preach. Figma is awesome but… just come on


I live a life of typos. Please help me out here Figma.

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The plugins really help for the artboards, but I need the native mac spell check to work on COMMENTS, it seems straight up SILLY its not enabled.