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It is mind boggling that Figma doesn’t support spell-checking on the Desktop app, and the only plugin that does a decent job is paid ($99 for all times). This is crazy, as design is as much good copy, as amazing eye candy. Please Figma, do something and focus on TXET instead of leaving poor designers to have diopter++ anytime we have to deliver a design. It is literally build into the system (on Macs, probably Windows as well). It is also build into the browsers!!!

Sketch is so much better at that, and the desktop experience is super smooth, so… hint hint… get another important feature done please!


Grammarly INTEGRATION is needed! SPELLL and Spellchecker are so sad to use!

It would be great to be able to access the OS-level spellcheck feature available to most text-based apps. I.e., highlight a word, right click and Define word or replace word with correctly spelled version.

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I’m a content designer, so I’d like to add:

  • We need to be able to add words to the spellcheck dictionary uniformly for teams (so everyone will use the appropriate spelling/capitalization etc. - some things might be different from company to company)
  • We should be able to flag words that aren’t on brand (ex: flag “continue” in buttons and substitute or suggest “next”.
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I know plugins are not the ideal solution but I made a spell check plugin for Figma that is like Grammarly.

Edit: I just noticed that this is posted under FigJam and not just Figma. :man_facepalming:

@Tekeste_Kidanu Thanks for sharing your plugin!

I’ve also merged your original post & this one over to the primary Figma topic, instead of FigJam.

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Thank you! @dvaliao

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