Spartan font - Is it no longer in Google Fonts?

I used the Spartan font in one of my projects. I noticed that this font is no longer available in Google Fonts. Is there any way to use this font in my website design?

I just noticed the same thing. There’s now a font called League Spartan - but it’s not the same.

Hi! I also noticed the same! But I couldn’t find any info online, do you have updates?

Hi there! Unfortunately, this font is no longer available. My salvation was that I found a package with this font (including license) on my hard drive.

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Thanks for your answer! It is a pity that is not a Google Font anymore, it was a great online replacement for fonts like Futura, Brown, FF Super Grotesk! Hope to find a decent replacement

The replacement should be League Spartan - this font is the same as Spartan, but font-size or line-height parameters might be a little different. If you starting a new project this shouldn’t be a problem.


“100”: “”,
“200”: “”,

300": “”,
“regular”: “”,
“500”: “”,

Download and use it,